Node Wiki

This is a very simple wiki using NodeJS and the file system as a database.

Getting Started

First things first, you will want to clone this repository into your favorite location.

git clone

Then you will want get the dependencies.

make deps

Then it's time to play...

	> make &
	> open http://localhost:3000/

This will open your browser and you will be viewing your first wiki page. You can edit the text (which is Markdown) and save it. If you enter something other than "/home" as the URL in the location bar you will have just generated a new wiki page. This new page has not yet been saved to disk, because you must submit the text on the page by clicking the submit button.


If you would like to deploy this simple wiki to heroku, everything is setup for you. All you need to do is execute the following commands and your wiki will be live.

	> heroku create --stack=cdear && make deploy
	> heroku open


If you care about testing and how things work within this application, then you will want to check out the following pages test-docs, code-coverage.

If you would like to run the tests then you can just run the following command:

make test

If you want to help improve the code coverage, then you will need to run the follwoing commands:

	> cd ~
	> curl -O http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5268661/node-jscoverage.zip
	> unzip ./node-jscoverage.zip
	> cd ./visionmedia-node-jscoverage-4826683
	> ./configure
	> make
	> sudo make install
	> cd -

	# The following commands will run the tests and generage the coverage.html page.

	> make lib-cov && make test-cov 
	> make &
	> open http://localhost:3000/coverage.html

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